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The Foush Reports – Ep 01

And you thought my awesomeness was limited to the printed word! I am every excited to introduce my new video blog series The Foush Reports, which will feature yours truly (obviously) as I navigate the wonderful and wacky world of New Media. You can look forward to cool websites, interviews and events. Snark to be added in accordingly.

Episode 1 – CaseCamp7

[Disclaimer: I was one of the organizers of Casecamp, although that doesn’t mean I won’t review the event honestly.]

In this first episode, I head over to Casecamp 7 , one of Toronto’s most popular “unconferences.” It is a free communications and social media gathering, with tons of networking and four 15 minute case study presentations from volunteers within the business community.

The keynote was by Brian Segal, ComScore who spoke about The state of the Canadian social web in three minutes. (5 second recap: it’s on the rise)


1) The TD Canada Trust Facebook Story
Sue McVey, VP Marketing Planning, TD Canada Trust

2) Boxing Day 2007 at
Derek Szeto, Founder of

3) Story2Oh!, Evolving TV Storytelling to Social Networks
Jill Golick, Executive Producer

4) Radiothon Diaries, Harnessing YouTube for the Hospital for Sick Children

Unfortunately I couldn’t show you footage of the presentations, but I did capture what I think is the best part of Casecamp. Enjoy!!

Special thanks to Eli Singer who organized the event and Filter Five Productions for their kick ass shooting, directing & editing.

Comments: 3

  • adam montandon

    May 17, 2008

    Great first video blog! well done! I think you need a new microphone though!! : – ) When will we see the next episode?

  • Chris Dick

    May 18, 2008

    Hey Great work!!!!

    I loved it, especially the mic, very fallic… also it looked like a ME-66 which I want so… yeah get rid of the mic and give it to ME!!!

    Great job, looking forward to more!
    That could’ve gone on TV.. oh wait a minute


  • Chris Dick

    May 18, 2008

    Also I am amazed at how comfortable in front of the camera you were, better than most of the anchors at Pulse

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