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SES Toronto – Is Twitter A Time Waster?

I felt this panel was a little over specific. Maybe instead of talking about Twitter, the panel could have focused on micro-blogging trends. In fact, I would have loved to hear their thoughts on the entire market including and other social aggregators that are forcing marketers to widen their social media strategy. I mean sooner or later, Twitter will be replaced by something else, but it’s the fundamental way that people are communicating that is really important.
What Twitter teaches me, (although no one asked me what my opinion was,lol) was how we are evolving to a bite-sized way of communicating. To me that will have a lot of impact on how I craft a communication strategy, brand identity and feel, and how I express those things to my clients. Anyway, the panel was a good intro to the variety of uses for Twitter.

Dave Snyder:

Twitter Strategies:

  • Strive for transparent conversation and followers.
  • Share blog posts through RSS feeds
  • Train employees on Twitter, but don’t force them to use it.
  • Share industry links from content partners
  • Have contests and promotions via Twitter to increase sales.

“If you build a strong following, you’ll leverage your other social media campaigns effectively.” – Dave Snyder

Twitter Difficulties

  • The system is still unstable
  • Getting CEO buy-in is difficult
  • Managing the noise related to Twitter can be hard
  • Getting your message to break through all the noise.

Lee Odden:

Twitter Uses

  • You can use twitter to get out of jail.
  • You can use twitter to propose marriage
  • Crowdsourcing and Polling
  • Finding Information and People
  • Sharing
  • Managing and monitoring your reputation
  • Building one on one relationships with clients

Chris Winfield:

Chris did a great presentation on Twitter using…Twitter. I thought it was very clever. He went right to the source and asked the Twitterverse some questions about whether or not Twitter is a time waster. You can see the eloquent and funny responses from Chris’ presentation here.

The Consensus: It’s how you use Twitter that counts.

There you have it folks.

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  • Chris Winfield

    June 19, 2008

    Thanks for the perspective on the panel Rahaf – it’s always great to hear different views…

    Also – I’m glad you enjoyed my presentation and thanks for linking to it (although it seems that there is an extra http:// in front of your link which is resulting in a 404).

    I hope to see you at future shows!

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