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Well Played: Converse Search Engine Spelling Bee

My sister sent me this cool link and I thought I would pass it along, since I found it really interesting. Converse shoes launched a really creative campaign called the Converse Spelling Bee.

Here’s how it works. You click on the url, which takes you to a video of a shoelace (LOL) who tells you the word you need to spell.

The Converse Shoelace

Once you hear the word, you have to open a search engine in a new window and type in the word. If you get it right, you’ll see a Google Ad link which will take you to the next video and the next word. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to make it out below, but the first word was “ludicrous” and the link can be found on the top right hand side of the screen.

Very clever! What a unique way of using search engine links to generate interest. I won’t tell you the rest of the answers- you should go and try them yourselves, but you end up at the converse official site. Now, whether or not the campaign sells any shoes has yet to be determined, I can guarantee you that they are getting a lot of brand exposure and buzz online. Besides, as my sister pointed out, after you play and you’re on the site, you’re probably going to take a few minutes and have a look around. I know I did.

I love seeing campaigns like this because it illustrates that untapped space still left to explore and the opportunity for innovation. As the social media space continues to evolve, I am very curious to see how viral campaigns will tie in other tools like SEO to create a unique web browsing experience for their consumers.

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