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Well Played: Room Planner raises awarness of street kids

I came across this site today and have to admit it was quite effective. For one thing,  you don’t really see it coming. At least I didn’t. The site invites you to drag and drop various furniture pieces into a room outline. When you drag it in, it changes into an equivalent object that would be used by street kids. So for example, a dresser turns into a backpack, and couch turns into a bench.

It’s a pretty interesting way to raise awareness about this cause because it doesn’t really push the issue in your face, but rather leaves it up to you to get more information or continue with the planner. There is a discreet “Covenant House” logo at the bottom that gives you the option to donate.

I had one issue with the whole thing.  When you click it takes you directly to a form you can fill out in order to contribute directly. I would have preferred to be taken to a page that outlines some of the programs conducted by Covenant House and some more information about where my contribution would go. I felt a bit of disconnect between the “shock factor” and the “ask.”

What do you think about it?

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