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Well Played: JibJab Video – Viral Watch (Obama+Unicorn=Awesome)

My friend AmberMac showed me this video from those charming lads over at JibJab and I thought it was pretty funny. Especially the Barack Obama part, but maybe because you all know where my loyalty lies. (Yes we can!) Anyway, regardless of your political affiliation, if you’re a US citizen just be sure to go out and vote! They are calling this the first YouTube election, and I can see why. With the compelling video content produced by both sides, it’s easier than ever before to reach out to voters and communicate.

This video is great because it let’s you upload a picture of yourself which gets turned into a character in the clip! So use it, and send it to all of your friends, especially around November time!

What do you think about this video?

The thing I’ve realized is that while we may disagree on a lot of things, our overall impressions of these last 8 years is pretty much the same. Someone over on Twitter sent me a link, depicting Anti-Bush graffiti in over 25 countries.

I guess we’re not all that different after all.

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