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The Foush joins!

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon, a really kick ass content aggregator that groups collections of stories across a variety of topics into individual alltop sites. (So for example: or

I am pleased to announce that The Foush, will available on!

What is AllTop?

They have an extensive listing of categories, just about anything your information-addicted little soul could dream of. You can see the headlines from all of these sites at a glance, giving you, the time-restricted reader, the ability to quickly take a broad look at a particular topic of interest.

But wait! There’s more! By moving your mouse over the headlines, a wonderful little box appears that gives you a more in-depth glance – usually the first paragraph or so- of the blog post without having to leave the page.

But I have an RSS Reader or I like searching things via Google

Now some people might equate this with using their RSS reader, but I would disagree. My RSS reader contains blogs that I wish to deep dive, meaning I find the majority of their posts useful, I trust them, and I check back daily if not every other day. As for Google, I usually need to to a bit of digging in order to find the information that I need from a reliable source. That takes time, and energy.

For Nuggets of Information:

I look at Alltop as a remarkable opportunity to take into account an entire category at a glance. I often start my morning just perusing the various categories trying to get a feel for what people are talking and thinking about. This is more akin to skimming the seas, and it’s a great tool for exploration, to step beyond the confines of the RSS feed and find some new perspectives to examine. Alltop is all about nuggets.

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