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Changing the World – TED for the rest of us


If you are in Toronto this weekend you should consider attending a really great event that is being put on my friend Justin Lee. Justin and I were in the same elementary school and recently reconnected through the awesome yet creepy power of Facebook. Incidentally, I also found this incredible blast from the past picture from one of our other classmates. Aww, we were so little and innocent.

Ok, back to the present, so Changing the World is a great conference being put on in Toronto to showcase emerging young leaders who are changing the world.

In brief:

The World’s Premier Conference for Young People

Changing the World brings together the world’s greatest visionaries to
inspire young people to innovate and better our world. The topics covered
include: technology, science, design, entrepreneurship, philanthropy,
and the arts. Among this year’s speakers are:

1 Nobel Peace Prize winner (for stopping nuclear war)
1 Star designer
1 Architect designing Asia’s tallest building
12 Entrepreneurs
1 Giller prize winning author
2 Internet millionaires
1 Engineer who creates $100 laptops for developping nations
1 Girl who was curing Alzheimer’s at age 15
1 Girl who gave British young people the power to vote
1 Scientist who stops human aging
1 Guy who created Mac OS X
9 Technologists
1 Futurist creating blob computers
… and more.

The Format
Each speaker is given 18 minutes to deliver their epic talk.
Every attendee gets the same experience.
One day of rapid fire inspiration.

Innovation for All
As a non-profit organization, we want to provide a world-class conference
to all students regardless of their age, financial background, and past
leadership experiences. We believe that every student should be given
the opportunity to be inspired and to learn from some of the world’s most
fascinating people.

Can we say amazing? It features two of my favorite TED speakers Eva Ventes and Aubrey de Grey, who will be featured on an upcoming segment of TED Tuesdays. The event is $500, which may seem steep but really check out the speaker list and compare with TED’s price tag of $6,000! Also, note that they charge this fee so that they can offer FREE admittance to students and teachers, which is so very cool.

More Details:

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I’m going to be there live blogging some of the sessions and hopefully capturing some videos of the events, so if you can’t make it be sure to tune in here, or follow my mini updates on twitter.

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