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Well Played: Free and Easy iPhone Ring Tunes by

Audiko. Just cut & shareI was trying to download some iPhone ringtones off of iTunes the other day without much luck. None of the songs that I wanted were available, and the Canadian store selection is pretty limited to begin with, so I was just about certain that this was going to be yet another case where Canadians got the technological shaft (aka the Kindle, TiVO, and every other cool gadget.)

So you can imagine my delight when I came across , a site that not only has an extensive iPhone ringtone collection, but that also lets you turn any mp3 into a ringtone as well. Oh, and did I mention that it’s free??

Create a custom tone, or choose from a wide selection:

You can either upload your favorite tune from your computer, or enter a URL and Audiko will download it for you. They even have the option of converting ringtones from youtube. My favorite feature is that you get to choose the fragment that you want, so if you love the chorus, then you can create a ringtone that only has that part of the song. You can also browse the ringtones that other people have uploaded, so you usually find that someone else had the same bright idea as you and has already done all the hard work!

Laziness + Free= Awesome

Easy and Painless Downloading:

Once you have selected your ringtone, just click on the “download ringtone for iPhone.” Once the download is complete, clicking on it will send it straight to your ringtone folder in iTunes. The next time you sync, it will transfer everythign over and voila: a brand new library of songs for your enjoyment.


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