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SMART Boards Digital Campaign (Clients)

There’s nothing I love more than seeing a project I’ve participated in take life and get launched. It’s very satisfying, especially when the client has such a noble goal: to improve the quality of education in classrooms through interactive whiteboards.

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Ron Tite, VP & Creative Director at  Blackmore Sharpe Euro RSG to help their team think through a couple of ideas and digital strategies for their client, SMART Board Technologies.

I thought it was fitting to share considering research for Misfits has been very educationally oriented these past few weeks. I think teachers have of one of the most important, difficult and often thankless jobs. I would not be where I am today if not for a few amazingly generous educators who shared their wisdom and knowledge.


I think this captures what many of us feel when thinking about those teachers that offered a helping hand during our school years. This video is part of a contest to nominate the teacher that had the most impact on your life.

The Brand Film:

This was an awesome stop-motion film created by the SMART team. It was uploaded less than two months ago and is already at almost 80,000 views!


The campaign also involved a website component, that invited users to submit their stories of the teachers that had an impact on their lives.

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