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Over-Nighter: A Zurich mini-post

Jesse and I headed to Zurich for a spontaneous overnight trip. I needed a change after the week I spent trying to deal with our landlord since we currently don’t have any hot water in our building. I’ve been taking freezing cold showers, and washing my hair with water heated in a kettle. Apparently, hot water isn’t as essential a necessity as I thought it was since I was told to just “deal with it until the issue gets resolved at some point in the near future.” Amazing.

The train ride from Geneva to Zurich is one of my favorite one, as it’s filled with stunning scenery. The Alps and abundance of clear blue lakes provide the breathtaking backdrop to clusters of small villages nestled among wheat fields, vineyards and rolling hills. Sailboats are just tiny white dots, representing someone’s lazy afternoon out on the water. I usually spend the majority of this ride pressed up against the window trying to take it all in.

Heading on an impromptu over night trip to Zurich for a night of good food and conversation.

Arriving in Zurich reminded me how much I love the quaintness of Swiss towns. Their tiled roofs and cobble stone streets make it so simple to imagine what life must have been like a few hundred years ago. I’ve always appreciated the Swiss’ ability to seamlessly integrate technology (such as sliding doors) into gorgeous old buildings without losing any character.

Zurich by szeke.

I had never been to Zurich before and figured this was a good a time as any to explore the land of cheese and chocolate. Zurich was like a nicer, bigger, cleaner version of Geneva. We walked around and met up with a few friends for a delicious Italian dinner. We walked around exploring some adorable shops, but the best part of the trip was the access to hot water at the cute and comfy Walhalla hotel.

Flickr: CC, szeke

The next morning it was pouring, so we hopped on a train and headed back to Geneva. It was a quick trip, but definitely helped recharge my batteries -and my patience. 🙂

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