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Ontario Liberal Party Annual Meeting, Toronto

I was really excited to be one of the keynotes at the Ontario Liberal Party’s Annual Meeting in Toronto this past Saturday. I spoke about the increasing influence of digital tools and how they can be applied to build an online grassroots movement. I mentioned the speed at which innovation was taking place and how strategy had to adapt. In particular we looked at some of the differences between the 2008 US Presidential Elections and the 2010 US Midterm Elections. A lot has changed in two years.

My favorite part was having the opportunity to eat lunch at the Premier’s table. I sat right next to Dalton McGuinty and we had a chance to discuss the importance of civic engagement and getting involved in bettering your province. I was impressed with his long term approach in building a stronger, greener and more competitive Ontario. I was also struck by his resolve to stick to a positive and empowering campaign- unlike his opponent who seems to relish negative ads.

It was a great event that left me feeling inspired to participate. Who knows, I’m tempted to go back next October and help with the 2011 provincial elections!

Just finished having lunch at the Ontario Liberal Party’s Annual Meeting where I sat at next to Premier McGuinty.

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