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El Ser Creativo, Malaga, Spain

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the “El Ser Creativo” conference in Malaga, Spain.

A bit about the conference:

“The World is short of ideas. Our mind is centered in our daily activities and we have forgotten about our great capacity to be creative…El Ser Creativo’ is the 1st congress of brilliant minds.3 days. 24 opinion leaders. 21 minutes to convey the avant-garde thoughts of our time. Scientists, thinkers, Nobel Prize winners, will inspire the audience and dare them to imagine, to take the risk to be creative. Conferences, debates artistic performances and concerts. Three memorable days for our guests to experience together with our speakers.”El Ser Creativo” is a meeting that will feed our minds; it will be the source of inspiration for creative ideas. Because ideas change the world…”

I shared some my thoughts on Digital Media and the future of politics. It was a lot of information to cram into a twenty minute presentation but I tried my best, lol. It was a little trippy being up on the stage because it was set up in a 360 degree style so the audience was all around me instead of just in front of me.

Afterward, I was on a panel with Guy Kawasaki from, Dario Gil from IBM  and Bernardo Hernandez from Google. We all discussed some of the implications of technology on our lives.

That night, Jesse and I were invited to a speaker’s dinner at Malaga’s City Hall where 4 WICKED things happened:

1) We (the speakers) were all presented by an AWESOME coin from the City of Malaga for our contribution to the conference.

2) I met Corrine Maier, author of “40 Good Reasons Not to Have Children.” I’ve always respected Maier for raising an alternative perspective to a woman’s choice to not have children.

3) I sat at a table with Rabbi Shmuley who invited Jesse and I to a Friday night dinner in New York, which I hope to be able to attend in a few weeks during my next trip to New York.

4) The conference organizers invited us the following night to the nearby of town of Marbella where we had a fabulous dinner and danced the night away.

It was a whirlwind trip to Spain and I’m hoping to go back to next year’s event in Madrid.

pics: By Vankuso (D.Starosz)

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