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International Encounter Against Child Labor, Bogota, Colombia

Last weekend, I was in Bogota, Columbia to speak at the Telefonica Foundation’s Conference to Eradicate Child Labour. The conference’s aim was examine how technology can help unite and mobilize groups of people around this horrible situation.

It was my first time speaking in depth about Misfits and I was excited and terrified in equal measures at how the ideas would be received. I was thrilled to see people nodding in agreement at the sentiment of feeling like the institutes in society don’t really fit them. I guess quite a few people discovered they were misfits too. 🙂

It was my first time to Bogota and although I only spent two nights there, my hosts were wonderful and showed me around. We went to Andre Carne de Res, a restaurant that I was told was an essential visit when in Bogota.

Loud, bustling, and filled with happy people, the restaurant was divided into three different levels representing Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Obviously, we dined in Hell. (When did you ever think I would use that phrase?) It seemed like it was the most fun. I discovered I love Colombian food especially fried Plantaines.

Ps: I had a super obnoxious flight home.

(Pics by szeke)

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