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Speaking: City of Richmond, BC and Digital Citizenship

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak to the City of Richmond in British Columbia at their yearly strategic planning retreat. I spoke about how emerging technologies were impacting the way people are engaging with their city.

As Digital Media slowly begins to become more mainstream and embedded in general business best practices, cities are discovering a wealth of new ways to use these tools to create happier and more engaged citizens.

Emerging Areas of Responsibility: Chief Digital Officer

One of the things we discussed was the emerging need for positions within a city’s management infrastructure to address the need for digital strategy. In 2008, Barack Obama appointed Vivek Kundra as the United State’s Chief Information Officer. I’m  seeing this type of position creation trickling down to municipal governments.We’re just starting to see how come cities are tackling this new challenge.

rachelsterneI’m so proud to share that of my friend and fellow Sandboxer, Rachel Sterne was recently named the Chief Digital Officer of the City of New York in Mayor Bloomberg’s Administration.

Rachel is one of the new class of rising digital superstars. Her background is an eclectic mix of journalism and entrepreneurial spirit. In 2006, she  founded GroundReport, an international crowd-sourcing citizen journalist site. She is also an adjunct professor at Columbia Business School, where she’s teaching a Social Media and Entrepreneurship course.  In addition, Rachel was just named as one of Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Tech for 2011!

In her new role, Rachel will be looking how the city can use digital tools to improve the city’s communication.

We also talked about the new mobile app market and the importance of open data, things I will address in a separate post once I’m back at home. I’m leaving British Columbia today and will be heading over to the Prairies. I’ll be in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan discussing how technology is impacting the way people mobilize around political causes.

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