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Microsoft Executive Health Summit & SocMed Round Table

My last stop before heading home was the Microsoft Executive Health Summit and Social Media Round Table. I did two presentations and felt exhausted afterward! I’m only covering each talk briefly since they were each 45 minutes and would require a much longer blog post.

The Digital Organization:

The first presentation was about the new “digital organization”. We all know that it is important for companies to use these tools to connect with customers, but what are the actual processes, strategies, and policies that need to be adopted internally so that an organization can remain agile and competitive?

I spoke about how digital has become an overarching strategic function instead of just a marketing department add-on. For example, organizations like Oxfam and Target added Heads of Digital positions in only 2010. Other positions are being created to help adapt to this new environment. Both DELL and Kodak have Chief Listening Officers, dedicated to listening to all chatter and make sure feedback is delivered to the appropriate internal team.


The E-Health Patient:

For the second presentation, I spoke about the impact of technology on the healthcare sector. From online communities like dailystrength to Google Health, patients are becoming more involved in managing their own wellness. allows people to rate about their doctor, scoring everything from bedside manner to time spent waiting for an appointment.

One of the most interesting areas for Healthcare has been the development of mobile applications. Applications can help Doctors diagnose patients and brush up on their x-ray skills. Patients can use apps to identify medication, track drug interaction and record their daily caloric intake.

There was a demonstration showing how the Microsoft Kinect can be used as a medical teaching tool. You could use your hands to rotate and interact with a 3-d model of a human heart on the screen! It was so fascinating to consider the possibility of how this technology could potentially help us live longer and healthier lives.

All in all, it was a great crowd and I was happy to be in Toronto for a few days to see my family. I’m headed to work in Geneva for a few days and then back home to Paris. Jesse has been in Egypt filming for the last week or so and I’m really looking forward to spending some time with him!



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