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MaRS: Experience Tech 2008 – Web 2.0 Panel

I attended the ExperienceTech2008 event hosted by MaRs on Wednesday. The first afternoon panel consisted of David Crow (Microsoft), Jeff Fedor (serves on the board of directors of Covarity), Leila Boujnane (Idee Inc.) and was moderated by Stuart MacDonald from

The topic was the over touted and often extra vague “Web 2.0.” Here are some highlights as I practiced my hand at liveblogging in preparation of the Interactive Content Exchange next Wednesday and Thursday. So while the conversation touched on a great many deal of topics, here were the jewel ideas for me:

On lessons learned:

“I wish I actually knew that building a team is not that simple. It’s a little bit more complicated than finding people and bringing them on board.” – Leila Boujnane

“I wish I knew that you had to wake up and be market driven. Even if it’s cool to build, if your customers are not interested in using it, then it doesn’t matter.” -Jeff Fedor

On the digital landscape in 3-5 years:

“Start thinking about data in terms of connections and relationships. Have a single record of the truth that changes based on context.” Jeff Fedor
“Communication is still the killer app. So finding ways to monetize that might be complicated but it’s still the killer ap. I still believe that the future of search is being able to communicate with things through technology.” Leila Boujnane

” Today we think of television as the first screen, soon the web will take the place as the first screen. And with the rise of mobile, we’re going to see even more change especially with devices and personal space.” David Crow
Next up, the Social Networking panel, blog on the way…going to grab some Sushi with the Sis.

Update: Thanks for Jeff for helping me sort out some of the confusion I had about who said what!!

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  • Jeff Fedor

    March 21, 2008

    Hey thanks for the coverage of our panel. I know my bio was vague but I founded Covarity but only know serve on the board these days.

    Also the market driven comment was mine, not David’s. I thought he made many better points then me, especially around community and economies of abundance.

    again thanks for the coverage

  • glinguino

    May 15, 2008

    Hello my friends 🙂

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