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Viral Track! Obama and Clinton? Funny Vid

Chapter 1: Matt DamonFor those of you who watch the Jimmy Kimmel show, you know that the host has a long time gag with actor Matt Damon, where at the end of each show, Kimmel apologizes for not having enough time to interview him. He then informs him that he’ll have to bump their interview – again.Well, A few months ago, Sara Silverman decided to surprise Jimmy Kimmel, her boyfriend of five years with a special video tribute on his birthday. It was a video entitled “I’m F*$%^& Matt Damon.:

CHAPTER 2: Ben AffleckWell, a few weeks ago, Jimmy Kimmel decided to retaliate by releasing his own confessional video entitled “I’m F@#$% Ben Affleck.” The star studded video includes cameos from Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, the Madden Brothers, Robin Williams, Josh Grobin, Harrison Ford, Macy Gray and many more! It’s pretty funny.

CHAPTER 3: Clinton & ObamaFinally, a few days ago, someone put together this little clip of hilarity. One of the best things about “web 2.0” is the ability for people to creatively express themselves and mashup content to entertain us all. Enjoy!

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  • Riwa

    April 2, 2008

    You never cease to entertain me with your video finds – this is hilarious!

  • Scott

    April 27, 2008

    I thought the Matt Damon video was funny but Kimmel buried him with the We are the World parody. Also, you need more drawings on your website!

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