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I inspire someone to do something!

I got a nice comment on my site the other day from Adam Montandon, a nice English bloke (is that the right terminology?) I had the pleasure of meeting at the ICE08 (Interactive Content Exchange) at MaRS a few weeks ago.

On top of having a fantastic accent, Adam founded a really cool company in 2004 called HMC Interactive , one of the coolest interactive multimedia companies I’ve come across in a long time. And I’m not the only one who thinks they’re great – they’ve recently picked up two awards at the 2008 Media Innovation Awards

Adam has, what’s got to be the coolest job description I’ve ever seen:

As part of my job I design cyborgs, create the recipe for digital chocolate, make stars twinkle, rescue penguins from oil slicks, look inside peoples bodies and even change the shape of clouds in the sky. Follow my adventures in Digital Futures and you’ll disocver why I have the most interesting job in the world.

Sounds way better then your job, right? I know, me too!

Anyway, Adam recently started blogging again after a five year break, and he said that little ol’ ME was his source of inspiration!

And it’s a great blog. I added it to my Google Blog Reader.

Thanks Adam!!

For those interested, here is a link to the ICE8 Sessions I covered.

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