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Seriously? Special K Cereal – Annoying Ads That Make No Sense

I love when Ad companies try to use “hip” or “natural” lingo in a commercial to give consumers the illusion that they are with it, and if you purchase product XYZ, you’ll be with it too.

It’s also funny when companies get it completely wrong. When I first saw this commercial I was instantly annoyed for two reasons.

  1. Blatant Stereotypical Type Casting:

Thin, good looking white girl? Check.

Fiesty gay colleague that makes sassy remarks? Check.

Token minority friend who has one line? Check.

2. The Dialog doesn’t make sense. See for yourselves:

Here’s a break down of the lines I’m having issue with:

Woman: [Special K Snacks] Well they keep us feeling good!

Man: We’ll they’re doing it for me!

Woman: Join the club!

Man: Darling, you started the club!

*Obnoxious Laughter*


First of all that makes no sense. Why is it funny if she started “club?

I think it’s supposed to be:

Woman: Join the club!

Man: Darling, I started the club!

But, that doesn’t make any sense either, since it would imply that he had prior knowledge about the snacks in question, when he clearly didn’t.

So…both potential scenarios don’t work.

I would have loved to be in on the meeting where this got approved. Seriously? Kellog’s needs to up it’s game since I’m their target demographic and this commercial annoyed be to no end. I actually haven’t purchased any Special K since then simply because every time I see this box that commercial plays in my mind.

Comments: 2

  • Imran

    April 28, 2008

    I love that ad!! The girl in red dress is too pretty! Not too thin. I don’t even try to understand the dialogue!

  • cass

    November 22, 2008

    Oh my GAWD I thought I was the only true hater of Special K commercials. They make no sense whatsoever, regardless of your age or intellectual level. Every time I see a special K ad, it actually makes me physically angry… They might as well be speaking piglatin. Idiots get paid to write that crap, too. Amazing.

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