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Well Played: Sex and The City Movie

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably are aware of the excitement (both online and off) surrounding the new Sex and the City movie! It’s in theaters on May 30 in Canada and judging by the buzz online is one of the most anticipated movie releases of the summer, if not the entire year.

I myself can barely restrain my excitement and glee. Can you believe it’s almost been four years since we left the fabulous foursome in New York? I’m clearly not the only one giddy! Along with a huge traditional ad campaign there has been a lot of buzz, and the web surfers have a multitude of ways of getting in on the fun.

Some Numbers:

  • On Facebook, over 40,000 people have labeled themselves as fans of the movie.
  • The TV series has over 100 applications where users can take quizzes to determine which character they most resemble and answer trivia questions. There is also an application counting down to the movie release.
  • At the writing of this post Google Blog Reader had cataloged over 180,000 blog posts in the last month talking about the movie

Sex and the City Stuff:

  • There are several widgets you can install on your desktop or blog to also count down the date.
  • There are numerous fan blogs devoted entirely to the movie who faithfully report any sightings, gossip, magazine covers that are Sex and the City related.
  • The New York Post has a cool interactive map with locations from the movie.
  • If you want to plan your own sex and the city movie night party, you’ll want to check this site out.
  • Many tour companies, event companies, bars & restaurants are planning special events so be sure to check your city listings if you’re in the mood for a shindig instead of an intimate girl’s night out. (I say, the more the merrier!)

The official movie site:

Shiny and pink, the site boasts tons of wallpapers, photos, screen savers and a countdown widget. It has a fun quiz to match your significant other with some of the movie’s leading men.

The Official movie blog has been up and running since Oct. 2007, which gives you a good idea of how long it takes to build up an audience. Community doesn’t happen over night.

The most interesting part of the site (for me anyway) was the Sex and the City partnerships: Skyy Vodka, MySpace, Mercedes Benz and the New York Times are some of the big wigs listed offering everything from discounts on movie gear to cocktail recipes and crosswords puzzles. I’ll be on the look out for product placement inside the movie!

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