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Well Played- Steve Jobs + 3G iphone=SHAZAM!

On the heels of my well timed post about how technologically awesome this summer is going to be, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced some fabulous news about the new amazing 3G iPhone.

What you need to know:

  • The 8GB iPhone will retail for a stunning $199!
  • iPhone will be rolled out to over 70 countries.
  • Full enterprise support on the back end.
  • Each unit will feature a built in GPS
  • Even longer battery life for browsing, video watching, and 3G calling
  • Mobile Me – a new system that will sync all of your gadgets seamlessly and instantly. [This is huge considering I can’t find an app that will properly sync by Blackberry Pearl with my Mac.]
  • Loads of applications to download through the new App Store, which you can access via wireless connection and download right to your phone.

You can see the liveblog of Steve Jobs’ address via the good guys at Engadget, they also provided the photos in this post.

Where is Rogers?

After hearing this news, I excitedly went to the website to see if I could learn more detailed information about exactly when the iPhone would be available only to find…nothing. Instead of riding on the huge discussions and debates surrounding the iPhone and using it to bring more visitors to their site, no hint of the iPhone on their website since their initial press release a few weeks back. To give you an idea, this past week along saw more than 36,000 blog posts about the 3G iPhone!

Seriously? Rogers should be all over this. They should also be releasing confirmation about what the data plans are going to look like. I would personally do this now, because if it’s bad news (Rogers never liked the idea of unlimited data) then peopleĀ  would be outraged for a bit, but would eventually forget their anger amidst the launch hype and probably end up buying one anyway.

I don’t understand why they would release the news and then not follow up with details. I know that this has personally frustrated me when dealing with them.

Interestingly enough, they did have a small add for the BlackBerry bold, which if you’ll recall isn’t supposed to be launched until December. Hmm…

What do you guys think?

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