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The Foush co-hosts CommandN with Amber Mac – Hilarity Ensues

As previously mentioned in my update, I had the pleasure of co-hosting CommandN with my friend Amber Mac. Regular co-host Will Pate, was suffering from a mean case of food poisoning. Feel better Will!

PEG 4 Direct Download
iPod Video Direct Download
MP3 Audio Only Direct Download

3G iPhone
Steve Jobs health mystery
Rogers admits violating net neutrality
Government drops copyright bomb
Michael Geist
Google co-founder is going to space
Saving Dollhouse

How To Set Up Your Wireless Network


The Circuit – Mojo HD

Huge thanks to Amber for inviting me, I had an awesome time!

Comments: 3

  • Amber Mac

    June 17, 2008

    Hey! THX so much…you were great ;). -Amber

  • Jeffrey Cove

    June 18, 2008

    Excellent presentation – I would hope you get more air time in the future! I am currently checking out your site and looking into Shiny Shiny – I work as a Facilitator and I have noticed (my own personal observation) the women that I have seen enter into the tech world are more methodical in their research and the work they perform. (for exam PC repair – Network Admin) In other words – they read the manual. I have noticed that some men (including myself) have a habit of jumping into things just clicking and experimenting (not always good experimenting, such as oops I formatted the hard drive). We don’t always read the manual – until the damage has been done.

  • Amanda Beals

    June 20, 2008

    Thanks for linking to us! We’re always posting videos on our site that you might enjoy.

    Amanda Beals/

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