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Seriously? Dimitri the lover -creepiest voice mail ever

You have to listen to this voicemail to believe it. It’s been circulating online for the past few days, and thanks to an insightful (and profoundly disturbing) article by Torontoist, I discovered that this prime specimen is hails from Toronto. This is a voice mail left by Dimitri aka Dimitri The Lover aka total creep, for one unsuspecting woman named Olga.

Dimitri tried to seduce Olga on the street and she gave him her card.  She had no idea that Dimitri was an expert on women. Oh yes my friends, he teaches courses in Toronto on how to meet women. He started the “Real Men Club,” to preach his teachings, and has a diverse range of products for sale including a “Make Women Worship You,” series.

Anyway, as Torontoist reveals, he is clearly disturbed, a former doctor whose license was revoked because of inappropriate behavior towards female patients. He calls Olga up and leaves her the following two voice mails:

Now, when you listen to these two messages imagine that this is from a stranger you’ve met briefly on the street: *shudder*

I can’t even believe what he says. After not hearing back from Olga he calls back again to question if she’s playing games, however he is quick to point out several scenarios that might explain her silence. “Maybe you were abused in childhood? Or maybe your mother has cancer and you’re going to chemo?” Wow.

Welcome to the Internet:

Thanks to the wonders of social media, these calls are now everywhere. Digg, Break, Youtube, Facebook, not to mention an mp3 circulating via email which was sent to me four separate times today! Dimitri was also named the internet’s #1 scariest seducer by Gawker and dlisted, to name a few. It never ceases to amaze me how comfortable some people are sending hugely private messages via voicemail and email. Have we learned nothing from the Alec Baldwin fiasco? (In a similar move of class, Alec leaves a disturbing message for his young daughter when she doesn’t pick up his calls.

Whether you’re a corporation or an entity, in today’s technological everything is recorded, and once released on to the internet, nearly impossible to contain. My father used to always say “keep your words soft and sweet because you might one day have to eat them.” These days, you never know who is watching or listening.

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