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New iPhone plan a result of Apple/Rogers Smackdown? Rumors!

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Well, it seems that Rogers has heard the large outcry regarding their ridiculously over-priced iPhone data plans and released a new promotional offer., an online petition started a few days ago has already gathered 58,000 signatures protesting the old data plans. While it might not affected Rogers, it apparently irked Apple enough to warrant a behind the scenes smack down. Apple takes it’s branding very seriously and was not amused at the backlash, including the negative press and blog coverage warning consumers to pass on the sleek gadget.

THE JUICY GOSSIP – Tracking the Rumor:

The web has been buzzing with rumors about a potential fall out that occurred between his Majesty Steve Jobs and the suits at Rogers which could shed some light on the timing and introduction of the new promotional plan.

According to blogger Daniel Smith’s Smithereen’s blog, he reported on July 5th that there had been some interesting conversations taking place via SMS between Rogers, Apple and Rim employees: [unconfirmed as of now, but makes sense when you consider Rogers actions]

  • Apple Canada Employee sends text message to source stating something along the lines of “You guys are screwed on the iPhone.” No responses are given when asked for clarification
  • Soon after, a RIM (Blackberry) employee sends another text to source asking about the Apple/Rogers fallout rumors that are surfacing.
  • Source receives a call informing them that several stores have decided to release some of the additional help they had hired for the iPhone launch immediately and without notice. [Note: this decision was made by the dealers and not by Rogers]
  • Senior Rogers rep confirms to source that Apple has decided to divert a large percentage of planned Canadian shipment to Europe! Some stores may now be getting as few as 10-20 units! The wording from head office claims the number of units will be “significantly reduced.

On July 8, the usually reliable Apple Insider claimed that Apple was sanctioning Rogers by announcing their Canadian retail stores would not be supporting Rogers in selling iPhones. Subscribers will have to go to a Rogers retail store in order to pick their unit up. Keep in mind that this was released before the new Rogers plan was announced so it might no longer apply.

On July 9th – Canadian Consumers declared it National Call Rogers day, and urged people to call and complain to rogers about the pricing. A Facebook group was created. (Of course)

July 10th – New Rogers Plans announced.

It’s a promotional offer along with the iPhone where subscribers can get 6GB of data for $30/month (which is probably as closed to unlimited as you’re going to get.)

The good news:

  • The data plan can be added to any voice plan. (DUH- I can’t even believe they didn’t offer this from the beginning.

The Bad News:

  • The promotional plan will be on only until Aug 31st.
  • You have to sign on with a three year contract.

So with all this buzz there are some claiming that the much hyped iPhone release will be more lukewarm than hot, while others have faith that the new plan will help soothe outraged consumers.

I guess we will have to wait and see!

Here are some of the other Rogers pieces related to this topic:

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  • nobody needs to know

    July 10, 2008

    I just read your column, and needed to comment. I am a rep for at&t, and the data package is $30.00 and will be required to purchase the new Iphone. The voice plans do start at 39.99 for 450 minutes. And the data plan can be added to ANY voice plan, but data is a requirement. And the $30.00 data plan is unlimited internet, not limited to the 6GB. There is one other rate plan for data and that is for the enterprise plan which allows the customer to link up with their work for email and intranet, etc. and that will be $45. Text messaging is not included and must be added separate as well, and those start at $5 per month. Visual Voicemail is also a choice to the customer at no extra cost. The current Data plan for unlimited internet is $30 per month so that did not change. What changed is the option of the $20.00 plan that gives limited access to the internet, and after the usage is gone it is billed at 1cent per kb. This new requirement will eliminate overage costs to the customer. And for the lukewarm part….we have been bombarded with calls already for the new phone. We are projecting a huge turnout over this release, but not all in one day, it is projected for about 7 days.

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