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Well Played: Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible (Viral Watch)

A friend of mine just sent this video my way, and I’m ever so glad he did! I get really excited whenever TV genius Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly) comes up with anything because it is unfailingly witty and funny while still being a social commentary.

It’s called Dr. Horrible, and it’s a three act video series made specifically for the internet. Each act is around ten minutes long and star the incredibly adorable Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. Harris is Dr. Horrible, a low-rated super villain who’s attempts to be inducted into the League of Evil is continually thwarted by his nemesis Hammer Man. He’s also working up the courage to talk to Penny, his laundromat crush.

Oh yeah: THERE IS SINGING! Awesome.

Here’s the trailer:

Changing Show Business:

Here’s where it gets interesting. The content has been made available for free for now, but as of tonight at midnight, you’ll have to buy them off of iTunes if you want to watch them. Each act costs $2.  Whedon came up with idea during the writer’s strike, as he was frustrated by the current system which circumvents a writer’s ability to create, publish and share professional content.  He started looking for a new way, and this is apparently part of his exploration.

He says :

It is time for us to change the face of Show Business as we know it. You know the old adage, “It’s Show Business – not Show Friends”? Well now it’s Show Friends. We did that. To Show Business. To show Show Business we mean business. (Also, there are now other businesses like it.)

Welcome to Hollywood 2.0!

The age of show friends is the next wave of creativity as professionals begin to embrace the content creation and distribution platforms available to everyone online. Personally, I also feel that despite the billions of videos available online, there is really a demand for well-written, well-produced pieces specifically made for the web. That means shorter videos, smaller budgets but all the creativity and humor you can jam pack in there.

The Foush Says:

Please support Joss and don’t pirate this content! $6 is what you would pay for a coffee and muffin at starbucks and is a small price to pay in helping to change a closed industry for the better. I have been a “Whedonista” ever since I discovered Buffy the Vampire slayer back in 1997, and Joss has not led me astray once!

I’ve watched all the content and am still going to purchase it as a show of support. Let’s vote with our wallets and help Joss out!  Show Friends sounds much nicer than Show Business doesn’t it?

You can find the necessary links here:

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