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Seriously? PETA uses brutal crimes as platforms for Ads.

I was really disturbed to read this article on the PETA Blog. Apparently, the people over at the animal rights advocacy group saw the brutal (and frankly horrifying) murder of a Greyhound Bus passenger as an opportunity to draw attention to cruelty against animals.

Tim McLean, 22

Last week, Canadians were shocked to hear about the tragic death of Tim McLean, 22, who was on a Greyhound bus headed to Winnipeg when he was attacked and beheaded by another passenger. I was particularly chilled by this crime as during my university years I frequently commuted on Greyhound buses, and like McLean would get on the bus, turn on my iPod and catch a snooze.

The PETA ad (seen below) compares McLean’s slashed throat with the slaughter of animals. I, personally think this was bad taste, and while shock value is often effective in catching consumers’ attention, this time it was coupled with deeply negative associations with the PETA brand.

What to do you think?

Here’s some more to think about it. Thanks to the vast knowledge base of Twitter, someone sent me this link that shows a similar stunt being pulled down in the states, which makes me realize that this isn’t just a bad call on the part of a communications manager, but a really poorly thought out strategy.

Is this a case of any publicity is good publicity? Or is the lack of sensitivity to this case overshadowing the cause they are trying to promote?

My thoughts and prayers are with Tim’s family.

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