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Grown Up Digital – Released on Amazon!

I am so happy to announce that Don Tapscott’s latest book “Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is changing your world” is available on Amazon! As a collaborator, I am very proud of the finished product, and ecstatic that this book is hitting the shelves.

I was fed up with the negative attitudes people have expressed towards our generation. A few weeks ago, I did an interview on the CBC withauthor Mark Bauerlein about his book “The Dumbest Generation.” He wrote:

For decades, concern has been brewing about the dumbed-down popular culture available to young people and the impact it has on their futures. At the dawn of the digital age, many believed they saw a hopeful answer: The Internet, e-mail, blogs, and interactive and hyper-realistic video games promised to yield a generation of sharper, more aware, and intellectually sophisticated children. The terms “information superhighway” and “knowledge economy” entered the lexicon, and we assumed that teens would use their knowledge and understanding of technology to set themselves apart as the vanguards of this new digital era.

That was the promise. But the enlightenment didn’t happen. The technology that was supposed to make young adults more astute, diversify their tastes, and improve their verbal skills has had the opposite effect. According to recent reports, most young people in the United States do not read literature, visit museums, or vote. They cannot explain basic scientific methods, recount basic American history, name their local political representatives, or locate Iraq or Israel on a map. The Dumbest Generation is a startling examination of the intellectual life of young adults and a timely warning of its consequences for American culture and democracy.

Drawing upon exhaustive research, personal anecdotes, and historical and social analysis, Mark Bauerline presents an uncompromisingly realistic portrait of the young American mind at this critical juncture, and lays out a compelling vision of how we might address its deficiencies.

Lazy, uneducated and apathetic was how he summed up my generation, and I took a lot of offense to that categorization. You can listen to the interview, and read my response to Mark here.

Grown Up Digital: How the Net Generation is Changing YOUR World HCI’m pleased (and relieved) to say that Don’s research yielded more encouraging results. Based on a $4 million research study, Don surveyed more then 11,000 “Net Geners,” and quickly realized that The Net Generation is the world’s first global digital generation, and we are collaborating, creating and innovating in unprecedented ways. We are impacting every institution from government and education to the workplace and the marketplace. Everything is changing.

Grown Up Digital reveals:

  • How the brain of the Net Generation processes information
  • Seven ways to attract and engage young talent in the workforce
  • Seven guidelines for educators to tap the Net Gen potential
  • Parenting 2.0: There’s no place like the new home
  • Citizen Net: How young people and the Internet are transforming democracy

Watch Don’s video, “Hey Moron” since he can probably tell it better then I can! 🙂

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