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Viral Track & Well Played – It’s A New Day –

I actually wandered on Youtube to find a completely different video, but stumbled upon this instead.

I have to confess that holds a special place in my heart ever since his original “Yes We Can” video. I still remember that freezing cold February day when I saw it for the first time – and got goosebumps.  That video spurred me to research Obama and became an official supporter. It was a big change for me, I was rooting for Hilary, a familiar face and longing to see the first woman become elected.

But something about him just captured my attention.

Little did I know that my research would help spawn a chapter in Grown Up Digital, and that the contacts I would make would eventually have me placing my life on hold for two and a half months while I moved to Chicago to volunteer on the campaign New Media Team. Little did I know that I would make some incredible friends and have profound and changing experience.

Anyway, flashback aside, I was happy to see his latest video, capturing the elation of the election victory. It was posted last week, and I’m not sure if that makes it old news or not, with Viral Videos you just don’t know. I’ve decided that I haven’t seen it, it’s considered new, at least to me, lol. It seems sort of fitting that this experience starts and ends with a video, a nice and tidy way to wrap up the emotional journey of the last few months. Enjoy!

And for good measure, the “Yes We Can” video.

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