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Barack Obama Campaign

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I initially started researching the campaign in February of 2008 for my work on Grown Up Digital. When the opportunity to be a part of one of the largest online grassroots movements came along, I just couldn’t say no, and I joined the New Media team as a full time volunteer at National Headquarters.
I worked as a community manager on MyBO, the campaign’s social network, doing everything from approving groups and comments to running usability audits of our online tools, and conducting supporter outreach.  After spending months studying the campaign’s online tactics, it was surreal to be able to witness first hand the strategies being executed by Obama’s talented team.
I have compiled my  research and personal experiences in a book called “Yes We Did: Strategic Insights from the Campaign that Redefined Modern Politics” (working title!)  which explores New Media’s role in the groundswell effort that elected the world’s fist Digital President.

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