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Ted Tuesdays – Tony Robbins on Why We Do What We Do

I’ve always been a firm believer that we can motivate ourselves  to accomplish just about anything. However, it can be SO frustrating (not to mention confusing, depressing and sad) when everything we do seems to sabotage our happiness, like talking ourselves out of successes or bypassing opportunities. I’ve wondered about that voice, that sneaky and sly commentary which convinces us to back away from the edge of the unknown and to stick with the safe and familiar.

This week, Tony Robbins encourages people to really question the reasons behind their actions, especially those that are preventing them from achieving their full potential.

Why You Should Watch:

Tony Robbins might have one of the world’s most famous smiles; his beaming confidence has helped sell his best-selling line of self-help books, and fill even his 10,000-seat seminars. What’s less known about the iconic motivational speaker is the range and stature of his personal clients. From CEOs to heads of state to Olympic athletes, a wide swath of high-performing professionals (who are already plenty motivated, thank you very much) look to him for help reaching their full potential.

Robbins’ expertise in leadership psychology is what brought him to TED, where his spontaneous on-stage interaction with Al Gore created an unforgettable TED moment. It also perfectly demonstrated Robbins’ direct — even confrontational — approach, which calls on his listeners to look within themselves, and find the inner blocks that prevent them from finding fulfillment and success. Some of his techniques — firewalking, for example — are magnets for criticism, but his underlying message is unassailable: We all have the ability to make a positive impact on the world, and it’s up to us, as individuals, to overcome our fears and foibles to reach that potential.

Robbins has won many accolades for his work — including his memorable performance in the Jack Black comedy Shallow Hal. (It was a small but vital role.) His Anthony Robbins Foundation works with the homeless, elderly and inner-city youth, and feeds more than 2 million people annually through its International Basket Brigade.

My Favorite Part

I love when he high-fives Al Gore!!  Amazing.

My Take:

My biggest take away from this talk is that sometimes there usually an explanation embedded in the madness of our actions. Despite seemingly inexplicable behaviour, there are real reasons and (buried) issues that need to be dealt with; These types of things don’t just manifest without a purpose.

I really liked the part where he talks about examining the ideal that you had envisioned about your life/spouse/career and to assess how realistic it was. If it’s not attainable then you’ll probably always be unhappy, because that need is not being met.

I think all too often we carry around  expectations that we have been raised to believe without question, or maybe we’ve seen it in movies and TV shows and we get disappointed when life doesn’t measure up. Examining those fundemental belief systems can be a great way to take stock of your life goals so far. There is so much untapped potential in everyone, imagine what you could accomplish if absolutely nothing held you back!

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  • Andy Strote

    December 25, 2008

    I was lucky enough to spend 4 days with Tony Robbins in the summer of 2007. Four intense days that will change how you think about many things, especially about what you can and can’t control. If you get the chance, it’s well worth it. Amazing guy!


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