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CommandN Holiday Special

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! This is just a quick post in between the longer ones that I’m drafting for the New Year. I wanted make sure you had seen the CommandN Holiday Special produced by my good friends from MGI Media, AmberMac , Chris Dick, Jeff MacArthur and the CommandN team, Will Pate and Mikey!

This special episode also features cameos by Mark Kuzniki, Leila Boujnane and other friendly faces from the Toronto Tech Community.

I had a great time working on some episodes of CommandN this past year and am looking forward to the trouble I’m sure we’ll get into in 2009.

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  • Amber Mac

    December 29, 2008

    Hey! Thanks so much for posting the show and for being so supportive in 2009! I have a *feeling* we might be bugging you for more hosting help in the next couple of months. Also, if it’s OK, would love to list you as a guest host on our new site (which launches next week). Hope that’s cool.


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