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War in the Middle East Pt.3: Understanding Both Sides

This is the third part of a blog mini-series that is tracking the unfolding events in Gaza through the use of New Media tools. In this installment I’m going to list some helpful resources for people who are looking to educate themselves through sources beyond those of traditional media.This is especially important since members of the media have been granted only limited access to the war torn region. We need to hear these people’s stories.

As to how I picked the sources below, some I came across accidentally, others I found because I was looking for perspectives that support non-violent resolutions. Frankly, I don’t care who started what, launching rockets at civilians is as intolerable as mass bombing civilian populations. I have nothing but compassion and sympathy  ALL the people involved in this conflict, and but I don’t  believe that a military response (from either side) is going to ever bring peace to the region.










Some Interesting Articles:

Haaretz, one of Israel’s Newspapers has some great articles including these:

If you (or I) were Palestinian by Yossi Sarid

The IAF, Bullies of the clear blue sky, Gideon Levy

Here are some other sources I’ve come across during my readings this past week:

Israel Targets Hamas Orphenages , an in-depth look at how Hamas garners civilian support through a massive network of social institutions such as schools, mosques and medical clinics. Sheds insight onto why they have so much local support.

Operation Cast Lead- A Familiar Story in Gaza by Hugo Foster from the Daily Banter, shows the futility of a military operation against an aggressive insurgency.


Leila El-Haddad, a Palestinian journalist and mother blogs about her daily struggle to survive with her family in Gaza

Body On The Line A blog by Dr. Marcy Newman a professor in Palestine.

Palestinian Blog Aggregator

Non Profits:

The Electronic Intifada

Palestinian Red Crescent Society

J-Street a Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Non Profit.

A good video:

This was a powerful video because it brought together Palestinians and Israelis in a talk to try and understand each other’s perspective. If only the two parties involved could talk to each other like this they would find that they have a lot more in common with each other. This video made me hopeful that little steps like these will one day lead to peaceful negotiations.

Good News Sites:

BBC Middle East Page

Huffington Post World Page

From the Web

Mashable had a great post recently about tracking Gaza crisis with social media tools. Highlights involve using:

  • Crisiswire – An aggregator that creates a single page around issues combining photos, rss feeds, news and more. The Gaza page can be found here.
  • WhosTalkin, a social search site covering 63 social media sites that were handpicked to deliver a well rounded result for users.

That should be enough to keep you busy for a while! Here are the previous installments in this series for those of you that missed it:  Part 1: Conflict in A Connected Age, Part 2: Moving at Twitter Speed.

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  • Boyd Neil

    January 5, 2009

    I admire your perspective and am thankful for providing these links and resources. Although it may seem macabre and insensitive to say so while the battles are still being waged, this will be a case study in the nature of new communication and engagement with issues and ideas . . . as you pointed out about the Obama campaign in your presentation (about which I blogged) at Rotman a few weeks ago.

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