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Video Interview with NetInfluence @ Lift10

I spent a few minutes chatting with Nicolas Fermont from NetInfluence about Lift2010 talk. (Video coming soon!) In particular, we chatted about how companies can engage in this space without losing control of their brand and message.

From their site:

The interview starts with Rahaf talking about the above mentioned points. Since partners we advise at netinfluence on social media, are often raising this point, I asked her why she believes organizations and brands should not be afraid to engage in social media and “loose the control”.

Rahaf gave me the straight forward answer we also give to our partners: people are already taking about them in countless forms of social media. Therefor it is fundamental to:

1. monitor what is being say about your organization/brand

2. be present in the conversation to have some say.

She rightly argues thatnot being in social media is already letting go of that control! Rahaf concludes that every organization should have some kind of web presence and be active in the online communities where its consumers are.


Many thanks to Nicolas! 🙂

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