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BCHS Forum 2010, Vancouver


I am happily returning to the West Coast on June 4 2010! I’ll be in Vancouver to speak at the 2010 BCHS Business Practices and Leadership Forum about how the lessons of Yes We Did can be applied to the health sector.

From their site:

BC Health Services Ltd. (BCHS) works with hundreds of Canadian clients whose priority is to achieve maximum value from restrictive budgets. BCHS offers services and programs in Insurance and Employee Benefits, Group Purchasing an Human Resources/Executive Search Consulting.

I find health to be such an exciting topic and am particularly intrigued at how increasing collaborative behavior online is impacting this industry. I’ve come across some pretty cool examples of how applying social tools can really improve the quality of the system for both practitioners and patients.

Downtown Vancouver by Duane Storey.Flickr: Duane Storey

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