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Running – remember those walls (week 1)

Two days ago I went for a run that did not go as planned. I was disappointed and vowed to get myself back to fighting shape in the next four weeks. My goal for this week was to run for 10 minutes without stopping (or dying.) Eventually I want to work myself up to where I was six weeks ago, running 5k in under 30 minutes. I’m happy to report that this run went much, MUCH better than last time. I huffed and puffed as usual, but did manage to run for 10 minutes without stopping. I alternated between running/walking for the remainder of my 30 minutes, but am happy that my endurance had improved from Tuesday’s 3 minute shame-fest. I’m going to do another 2 runs with the 10 minute goal, and then next week I’m going to start increasing my running time by two minutes on each run.

Hilariously, I was so engrossed in achieving my 10 minute threshold that I completely lost track of where I was and had to pause for a few minutes to get my bearings.

Speed (During 10 min interval) 6:24/km, a huge improvement from last week’s 8min/km fiasco.

Expect the Wall

I quickly realized why I had gotten so off track last time. I had forgotten about “the walls.” When I run, I’ll be fine for a few minutes but eventually I’ll start getting out of breath and feeling uncomfortable. As long as I breathe through the initial discomfort, concentrate on my pace and talk myself through it, it passes and I start to feel good again. Stupidly, I was surprised that I hit my first wall so early last time (at the three minute mark) and instead of working through it, I stopped right away and was frustrated. Patience FAIL.

This time I was more mentally prepared and was able to navigate through some small periods of discomfort to get my body used to moving again. I also realized how dumb it was for me to expect my body to bounce right back to where it was after a long period of inactivity, so realigning some realistic goals with my run was probably a good idea.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty positive. Tomorrow I’m going to do some yoga. Much like running, I’m starting with small bursts again (20 minutes) in order to work up to my old routine of 90 minute classes. I’m trying to enjoy the process of getting re-acquainted with my body. One more run and I’ve finished week 1 with flying colors.

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