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A couple of weeks ago, a few friends got together and had a discussion about online identity. I had completely forgotten about the existence of this video until a few days ago when I was researching some stuff for the new book (more about that in another post).  Hilariously, as I was searching for some good discussion items on online identity, I was surprised to see my own name come up. In a discussion. About online identity. I know, it was my brain trust moment of the week. 🙂

Anyway, it’s a part of series. Episode 5 – An Open Conversation; the nature of online identity today. from on Vimeo.
This discussion features:

– Qasim Virjee (@qasim)
– Jaime Woo (@jaimewoo)
– Lee Dale (@smack416)
– Behrouz Hariri (@behrouz_hariri)
– Matthew Burpee (@matthewburpee)

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