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Running…Game On. (Week 2)

It’s week 2 of my 4 week blitz to get myself back to my former running glory and I have to say it’s been going pretty well. The weather has been cooperating, and I’ve stuck to my program of running three times a week. Today’s running goal was to add another two minutes to my non-stop run time, going from five minutes (when I started) to 12 minutes. It was a bit of a push but I made it, and I’m thrilled that I FINALLY broke my speed plateau of six minutes per kilometer. I’m down at 05:45 (avg)/km, which is much closer to my original time. At this rate I’ll be running for 30 minutes straight in no time.

I’m getting a lot of fresh air and it’s nice to be able to enjoy the gorgeous summer. My total workout time is about an hour, since it takes me about 15 minutes each way to get down to the lake. I try to keep my pace brisk and my heart rate up. As you can see by the picture below, the trail is gorgeous.

I tried to mix it up this week by adding a couple of sprint intervals just to keep my heart guessing. It’s a tip I got from one of the runner blogs I read. I ran the 12 minutes, and it was a little hard NOT to stop when my iPod announced the 10 minute mark (you can see the drop off in my speed) but I quickly pulled through. Another great thing is that I didn’t hit my first wall until about 8 minutes in.  A huge improvement from my first run, last week.

Since I’m planning on going away for the weekend, I need to get two more runs out of the way. I’m going to run Thursday & Friday and take the weekend off. I’m hoping to be up to 15 minutes by Friday.

Goal for Week 2: Run for 15 Minutes

(photo via kharied (vacation!!) )

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