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May ’11: Target Marketing Summit – Mexico City

In addition to speaking in Oslo during the month of May, I also had the opportunity to be the keynote at the Target Marketing Summit, which took place in Mexico City.

The focus of this particular presentation was on the social impacts of technology on democracy and citizen activism. I have been particularly interested in how governments are approaching this new digital era, especially from a legislative perspective. The most recent example I’ve come across recently has been how Iceland has rewritten its constitution using Facebook. Citizens were able to share their opinions, participate in debates or follow the proceedings live. It’s a very powerful example of the potential of these types of tools in a political setting.

I met with several politicians, all of whom are gearing up for the Mexican presidential elections, set to take place in 2012. I will definitely be following this election closely as digital media is set to play an important role in outreach towards Mexico’s youth population.

Here is a video of an interview that I did during the event. My part starts at about 4:04.

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