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June ’11: Canadian College of Health, Whistler, BC

In June, I traveled to one of my favorite places in Canada, beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. I was the opening keynote for the Canadian College of Health’s Executive Leadership Summit.

I was speaking about how Digital Media and Social Networking platforms were changing our perceptions of healthcare and impacting our relationship with our health professionals. I have often said that my main criticism of Western medicine has been its reactive instead of proactive approach to health. In most cases, by the time we go to the Doctor something is already wrong with us and we need them to fix it- usually with medicines or surgery.

One of the biggest benefits I’ve personally had from expanding my own horizons online when it comes to my health is the access to a wide variety of information as well as a great source of digital support from others who are trying to make better decisions in their lives.

I am a part of a Facebook group of people who are interesting in eating clean, local, organic produce. We share recipes, stories and inspiration with each other. It is a joy to be in such a nurturing online environment and I draw a lot of strength and encouragement from my fellow members – none of whom I’ve ever met!

Here are three of my favorite food/health blogs to read:

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