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Winter 2014 – A preview!


It’s feels like forever since the last time I sat down and blogged, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it! I realized that I definitely needed to carve the time in my schedule to blog to document my thoughts and the things that I did in that year. So, here we are starting a brand new year. For me, I felt like 2013 was a “seed planting” year, putting the pieces in place for things that are only now just starting to blossom. I have a feeling that 2014 will be a year of harvesting, of bringing to fruition some of the things that I’ve been dreaming about doing.

Decoded: Launching in February 2014

My second book, “The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers,” is set to be published February 20, 2014, nearly two years after Lee, Jay, Aaron and I started talking about the amazing new ways that data could be used to build a company with heart. I’ll have advance copies in my hands soon, and nothing really makes it feel real like holding what started out as a draft in your hands. I can’t wait! We’re currently in the process of finalizing book event details and so far it looks like there will be an event in Toronto and an event in New York. Once everything is confirmed I’ll be (obviously) posting the details and hope to see you there!


Travel: Phoenix, Orlando, Toronto & New York

I’ll be speaking at several events in the next few months all over the US and in Canada. Since last year was a writing year, I feel so excited to be back out on the speaking circuit, talking to people about all the amazing things I’ve found. Pixel doesn’t appreciate them nearly as much as she should! ┬áJesse and I will be roadtripping from Phoenix to Las Vegas with stops in Sedona, Zion and the Hoover Dam which I’m pretty excited to see. In Orlando, I’ll be visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and revisiting my childhood at Disney. And that’s all just in the next 60 days!



I’ll definitely be blogging more. I have a list that sits by my desk, every time I have a blog post idea and when I ran out of space on the page, I figured I might as well get this posted! I’ll be sharing with you some of the research that I’ve been doing, interesting finds, and hopefully, launching a new project soon that will help fuel my passion for creating compelling online content. I’ve also been reading a ton of books, and so let me know if you have any good recommendations.


I hope you all had a wonderful start to the New Year!

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