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The Artist’s Way: Week 6 – Recovering A Sense of Abundance

This is an ongoing series about my experiences with Julia Cameron’s program, The Artist’s Way: A spiritual path to higher creativity. It’s a 12 week program designed to help reboot your creative process and after hearing about it from several friends over the past few years, I gathered a group of like minded creatives and we are embarking on this journey together! You can find the other related entries HERE

Redefining Abundance:

It doing this program I sometimes feel that Julia Cameron wrote it specifically for me, though I guess that shows how universal our creative struggles really are. Luckily, after last week’s doozy of a chapter, this week was much easier. I think Cameron recognized that after asking people to reconsider what they are entitled to, it might be wise to give them some time so that they can ease into it and take some baby steps.

This week’s chapter was focused on the subject of money: how we feel about it and how we act around it. In particular, we focused on the concept of luxury and how we should pamper ourselves a bit more in our daily lives. This notion of continued self kindness is a strong theme that appears often in this book, and it saddened me to realize how much I (and the others in the group) denied ourselves such small gestures in the name of professional pursuits. “In order to thrive as artists we need to be available to the universal flow. When we put a stopper on our capacity for joy by anorectically declining these small gifts of live, we turn aside the larger gifts as well,” Cameron writes. “But for many blocked creatives, it takes a little work to even imagine ourselves having luxury”

I was tasked with looking at how I could infuse my day with little moments of luxury. A piece of decadent chocolate, a wonderful new tea from Marriage Freres and a new book, the time to cook myself a delicious meal. All these things felt like pampering, and I felt so silly for not incorporating them into my daily routine sooner. I also put aside that nagging voice that always tells me to be working on the next thing, the next project, the next idea and instead gave myself the best luxury of all: time. Time to take Pixel on a long meandering walk through the best parks in Paris. Time to have a lovely cup of coffee on an outdoor patio, time to curl up with a good book, time to pick up my Ukulele and learn a new song. And wouldn’t you know it: Julia Cameron was right. The more “luxury” moments I created, the easier everything else came together.

I came back to my projects feeling energized and refreshed, and ready to face whatever challenges came my way.

A short entry this week, with a much needed mental break from constantly reshuffling all of my core beliefs and attitudes. 😉  My partner in crime Erica, who was a bit ahead of me in the reading told me that the next two chapters would be a little intense. So I’m taking this “down” time to recharge and prepare myself.





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