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March 2014: Toronto, Paris, and a birthday.

March certainly didn’t slow down after February’s insane pace. I came back from my weekend trip to Miami feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work – despite the frigid weather.

Toronto :  Data is the New Creative @ OCAD

In toronto I spoke at OCAD’s SLab to share how I think data is going to impact creative industries.  From the website:

When we think about creative industries, is data the first thing that comes to mind? Creative outputs have long been considered as intangibles – hard to quantify and hard to measure – but that’s all about to change.  Thanks to the rise of data abundance, smart companies like Target, Amazon and Netflix have tapped into this new quantitative intelligence to better understand their consumers. Now, we are entering the next phase of this disruptive transformation: Companies are turning those sophisticated algorithms inward, using analytics to attract and retain the best and brightest minds. From Google to Starbucks and Gengo to Prezi, companies large and small are already using data to reverse flagging sales, improve performance, and prevent the repetition of mistakes. An analytical revolution is transforming creative industries. Are you ready?

It was great crowd, with 200 people attending and I even got to sign some books afterwards! It’s always nice to go back to a familiar venue, especially one that has been with you since the beginning. I’m happy to say that I was part of the inaugural launch of the OCAD lecture series back in 2009, so it felt great to come back in 2014 with a new book and new ideas to share. The Toronto community has been so supportive, it was lovely to see so many friendly faces.


Toronto :  The Decoded Company @ Rotman Big Data Speaker Series

Following the theme of “going home again,” I spoke with Leerom as a part of Rotman’s Big Data Speaker Series.  I spoke at Rotman in 2009 right after I came back from Chicago about my experiences with the Obama campaign and the book launch for Yes We Did was held in the auditorium! It felt great to be back there again, especially to another sold out crowd. We spoke about the Decoded Model and how it’s going to change everything from HR to Business Development. There will be videos of both events coming up shortly so stay tuned.


Paris: home at last

 After five weeks on the road, I was so happy to be back in my own bed. I came back to glorious weather and found my favorite place in the world had already welcomed spring. I took Pixel out on the longest walk and spent lazy hours reading my book outside. The rest of the month passed quickly enough since I had to dig myself out of email hell – nothing is worse than getting behind with your inbox.


A Foushy Birthday

At the end of month I celebrated my champagne birthday! It was a quiet day filled with a nice brunch and some strolls through out the City of Light. I wanted to go on a trip but all the places I wanted to see are still too cold to truly appreciate, and so my birthday trip will be postponed until September. What can I say, I always gravitate towards the mediterranean climate: give me a city to explore and some culture to soak up combined with warm tropical waters and I can’t be happier. Currently exploring visiting Corsica, Greece or Croatia. Sometimes I feel like the best part is the possibility of doing research and pulling together a great trip.

I have a ritual on my birthday where I review my bucket list and try to identify a few items that I want to focus on for this particular year. This year was a milestone so I found myself reviewing the entire list and making some changes about how I want the next decade to unfold. There are still so many things I want to try and explore and putting them down on paper makes me feel like it’s all attainable. One of my favorite sayings is: A dream is just a goal without a plan. And planning is one of my best strengths. 😉

Thank you so much for everyone’s emails and FB messages, it’s always so nice to feel like you’re celebrating your special day with friends even if you’re far apart.



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  • Clare

    April 1, 2014

    These updates always make me wanna up my game! Keep ’em coming, & belated happy birthday! C x

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