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Rahaf named Young Global Changer by G20 Think Tank Summit


This month, I will be traveling to Berlin to participate in the Think 20 Summit Global Solutions, an event mandated by the German G20 Presidency to include the views and ideas of the younger generation into global problem-solving. I will be representing Canada & France.

I submitted my research outlines for Hustle & Float, and some newer topics I was exploring around our information ecosystem and some of the challenges of a post-truth society.  Out of 1300 applicants, I was selected as one of 100 Young Global Changers who are invited to pitch ideas and research to policy makers, and participate in dialogue with government officials and business leaders.

I was feeling very pessimistic about 2017, which seems to be unfolding like a horrible prologue to the Handmaid’s Tale (which, if you haven’t been watching the new series, do yourself a favor and set aside some time this weekend). However, there’s only so long that one can remain despondent, at at some point, we all have to dust our selves off and try to do what we can to pitch in to try and make a positive impact¬†– however small- to the world around us.

I’ll be updating from the conference, so be sure to check back soon!



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