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Hey Everyone! Here's the latest installment of CommandN with my friend Amber Mac. Direct Downloads H.264* MPEG4 iPod Video AVI WMV MP3 headLINES NBC takes the Olympics online Paris Hilton for President? Sweet deal for Daily Candy Sony bets on Rocketboom Wifi in

Once again, I had the pleasure of co-hosting commandN with my good friend Amber Mac. As usual, I had a really fun time, and there are some funny outtakes at the end. Enjoy!! H.264* Direct Download (*BEST QUALITY DOWNLOAD) MPEG4 Direct Download iPod

CommandN is one of the web's oldest and most popular videoblogs that is created by my good friends Amber MacArthur and Will Pate. Show Links: Cuil launches Perspectv uses top web apps An earthquake on Twitter Scrabulous Dr. Horrible Your biz trip to social media experience Drobo Alltop JibJab